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Artist photographer, NY.

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Ashley Frangie,  has a Bachelor of fine arts in Professional Photography from the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. She graduated with honors. During her time there, she worked on the South Africa Documentary Project, “Today I Will Not Lie.”

Ashley has worked for photographers like Elizabeth Messina, Kenneth Willardt and as a junior curator for Milk Studios in Los Angeles. She is currently living in New York and besides being a freelance photographer, she is assisting Kenneth Willardt in his new solo exhibition called “Size does Matter.”

“I still don’t know what my main purpose as a photographer is,” she said. “To immortalize people in some way, I guess.”

Eclectic and spontaneous, Ashley always keeps her 120 Velvia Film ISO 100 near her. She loves photographers Diane Arbus and Deborah Turbeville and is obsessed about Instagramming. She’s inspired by some art movements such as impressionism, minimalism, and is completely obsessed with Dadaism.

Some of her hobbies are collecting 120 mm film transparencies and has a thing for photographing hands.  She has an impeccable gift behind the camera and is extremely talented in retouching.  We could say she is unique, one of a kind. She is a photographer that really understands the meaning of art. Ashley has become a key element of The Fancy Archive’s success. So if you are ready to be impressed, visit her work at


Denim or black jeans:  Balck Jeans
Ice or hot tea:  Ice
Curly or straight hair: Curly


Designer : Alexander Wang
Favorite spot to have brunch: D’Angelos in Santa Barbara
Dessert:  Chocolate mint ice cream from McConell’s
Guilty pleasure:  Watching terrible TV
Character:  I found Julian Assange fascinating