Maria Mercedes and Paula Simon
Creative Directors of Piece of Mind Jewerly
Olivia Steele
Lighting Artist, USA.
Mathieu Matachaga
Creative Director MATACHAGA, France
Daniela Cassab
Creative Director Dan Cassab, Mexico.
Sarah Goodwin
Co-Founder of TEA & TEQUILA, Mexico
Pilar Zambrano and Isabel Alvarez
Founders of EDITORIAL HOUSE, Mexico.
Diego Luna for Cream Magazine
Actor, Mexico.
Margaret Bissu
Interior Designer, Mexico.
Jose Alfredo Silva
Creative Directo Trista, Mexico
Robert Hirsh
Founder of Silver Deer, Mexico.
Leticia and Ana Jimena
Founders of SERSANA, México.
Ana Khouri
Jewelry Designer, Brasil.
Melvyn Kirtley
Gemologist, Tiffany & Co
Diego Winburn
Magician, México.
Daniela Villegas
Jewelry Designer, LA.
Pamela Allier
Editor, Mexico.
Mariana Cantu
Vogue Italia Producer and co-founder of TWOINONEBLOG.COM, Mexico.
Pamela Ocampo
Editor in Chief L´Officiel, Mexico.
Dirk Jan Kinet
Interior Designer, Mexico.
Cosmo Gonik
Artist, Paris.
Elena Reygadas
Chef ROSETTA, Mexico.
Paola Alberdi
Founder of Blank Itinerary, San Diego & LA
Monica Sordo
Jewelry Designer, NY.
Claudia Cándano
Fashion Editor at ELLE, Mexico.
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The Wed List
September 9th and 10th, Mexico City.
Formula Arts Gallery Mx
At Blanco Colima
Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos
Tommy Hilfiger by Elle Mx
September Isuue