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Journalist, NY.

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Andrea Navarro graduated from Columbia University with a Master in Journalism. Shortly after, she got an editorial internship in Forbes Magazine’s Wealth Team in New York because of her unique writing skills.

She researches the world’s wealthiest people, interviews them, and writes about them while surviving the cosmopolitan city of New York, but still, Andrea always finds time for us. She is responsible for supervising and editing all of The Fancy Archive’s posts.

She decided to become a journalist after working for different government institutions. “I realized I didn’t like how things worked and decided to go to the ‘other side,” she said. Her main purpose as a journalist is to inform people in an unbiased and truthful way so they can form their own opinions and make informed decisions.

For her, storytelling is art. “The most important part of writing for me is that it allows you to tell stories and that in itself is an art,” she said. “If the writing is good, it lets the reader travel to different times and places without even leaving the room.”

Even though most of her work ends up on a computer, Andrea always needs a pen and a paper to work. “I need to be able to write things down to organize my thoughts,” she said. Her everyday habit is reading The New York Times and Slate Magazine with a triple soy latte in her hand. She admires journalists Christiane Amanpour, Adela Navarro Bello and 2012 Pulitzer winner Alejandra Xanic Von Bertrab. When talking about routines, Soul Cycle is always part of her day.

For her extraordinary way of capturing readers’ full attention, The Fancy Archive is happy to have enlisted Andrea on our team. Stay tuned and check her work at

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