Sarah Goodwin, Creative Director Tea & Tequila

Photographer: Marian Coufal
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Interview and editing: Adriana Schroeder
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Sarah Goodwin

Co-founder of Tea & Tequila with Millie Wilson, Mexico

INSTAGRAM: @tea_and_tequila_trading
FACEBOOK: fb/teaandtequilatrading

Hotel Casa Awolly
INSTAGRAM: @hotelcasaawolly


Yoga or running: Pilates
Digital or print: Print
Mezcal or Tequila: Mezcal
Waffles or pancakes: Pancakes
Leather or suede: Leather
Matcha or chai: Matcha


Museum: The V&A London
Concert: Nicola Cruz, Mexico City
Which music festival do you recommend us to attend: Glastonbury in the UK
Favorite blog: weworewhat  for everyday style inspo
Favorite spot at Mexico: Mar de Cortes
Favorite spot at London: El Pastor – Mexican restaurant
The last track you listen on your i-pod?: TLC No Scrubs
Mexican musician: Cafe Tacuba
Favorite spot to have brunch: Maison Belen
Dessert: Meringue from Contramar
Guilty pleasure: British reality TV and Salted Caramel chocolate
Broadway Play: Book of Mormon
Playlist: 90’s Hiphop and R&B
Quote: ‘We only regret the chances we didn’t take’ – Winnie the Pooh
City with good music places: Ibiza
Favorite Superfood: Ginger
Music festival: Glastonbury, UK or Off Sonar, Barcelona
Movies to watch on a sunday: Casino, Goodfellas
Drink on the beach: Spicy Mezcal Margarita
Platillo Favorito: Fish tacos, Guacamole and very spicy salsa

Sarah Goodwin studied languages at Bristol University in the UK. She first came to Mexico 6 years ago. Her favorite thing about living in Mexico is being able to travel to so many incredible spots around the country. Some of her favorite spots are Holbox, Bacalar, Zipolite and San Miguel.

When Sarah first moved to Mexico she used to work in finance, but her real passion has always been design and fashion. When her best friend Millie; who lives in London; came to visit, they travelled around Oaxaca and Tulum, and she instantly saw what Sarah saw in Mexico – culture, colour and impecable craft techniques-. They decided to create Tea & Tequila, as they detected a huge opportunity in the market and were perfect partners; they complement each other so well both in the design and business aspects.

Their main objective as  designers is to create fun and easy to wear tropical accessories with great quality. Their purpose is to designs pieces that can bring an outfit to life. They also aim to support the local communities that they feel lucky to work with.

Tea & Tequila´s signature pieces are beautifully leather bags which are intervened  with sophisticated designs made with sequins . The beaded designs are hand crafted by their team of talented artisans from a town close to Puebla. After the beaded designs are done, these are sewn onto their lovely and colorful leather bags by their other team of skilled seamstresses in Leon.

As for the story of the name of the brand, Tea represents their British culture as they grew up there, and Tequila represents Mexico, where all of the inspiration and development process happens. Everything they do is 100% made in Mexico.

Regarding Mexico’s contribution to the design and art scene, Sarah feels that one of the biggest booms at the moment is the appreciation of the global fashion market towards the ethical movement and the value of the artisanal work. This is something they are so excited to be a part of.

Sarah feels inspired by the 80’s bold prints, block colours, long and floaty robes, kaftans, and colour matching suits. Her favorite fashion icons are Yves Saint Laurent and Brigitte Bardot, as for art Frida Kahlo, and as for fitness and health Shona Vertue.

TFA store is a huge fan of Tea & Tequila´s work. We love to help our amazing artisan, that’s why you can find all her amazing designs at the store. Also,  Tea & Tequila has just joined Mexicouture, the coolest online shopping platform of Mexican designs.

Sara´s shooting took place at Hotel Casa Awolly, the representation of a typical house of Colonia Roma, a three plants space located at Sinaloa street number 57.

It has a restaurant, a rooftop bar and 3 perfect rooms in which private events take place.

Each space in the house has eclectic details with a unique personality dictated by the interior designer Dirk Jan Kinet.

The Mexican chef Irak Roaro is in charge of the restaurant menu, which is constantly evolving using different techniques, mixing flavors and creating a great equation in every dish.

Special thanks to Hotel Casa Awolly for letting us interview Sarah at your amazing place.