Mauricio Rivera Kirschner / Mexico

Mauricio Rivera Kirschner

Arquitect and Event Designer, Mexico.

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Flowers or plants: Flowers
Day or night: Night
Rick Owens or Alexander McQueen: Alexander McQueen
Gin or whisky: Gin


Fashion icon: Marion Cotillard and Ana Wintour.
Designer: Coco Chanel, Raf Simons and Martin Margiela.
New upcoming designer: Kris Goyri
Favorite spot: Paris and Rodin House.
Dessert: Chocolate extravaganza (made of chocolate from Alain Ducasse chocolate factory in Paris)
Guilty pleasure: Watching fashion movies and fashion shows.
Musical, movie and character: Phantom of the opera, Great expectations, Miranda Priestly.
Photographer: Mario Testino
Perfume: Tobacco oud by Tom Ford and Creed “Winston Churchill”
Book: Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen
Florist: Jeff Leatham
Piece from your closet: Shoes, all of them.
Boutique worth stopping by: Colette in Paris, Silver Deer in Mexico City and Santa Eulalia in Barcelona.

Mauricio Rivera Kirschner, studied Architecture and Interior Design at ITESO and took a variety of Design and Art courses in London, Shanghai and New York. He is a very successful entrepreneur who created his own company that specializes in interior design, where almost everything is manufactured in Italy. “MRK is a project where our primary purpose is to create great design.” he said. “It is divided into two branches: Architecture, where we do many exciting collaborations with the best designers and studios from all over the world, and Lifestyle, which is dedicated to the coordination of events such as weddings, fashion parties and brand store launches”. After a couple of years practicing his passion, his style and high quality work as an architect started being noticed globally; his talent was evident. Then, less than a year ago, after he started designing his own furniture, a close friend asked him to help her plan her wedding. Today, Mauricio has one of the busiest agendas as the official wedding planner for the coolest personalities.

His hobbies include traveling, meeting new people, visiting art galleries and walking through every city he stops by. His biggest achievement is being able to do what he loves as a job and having the opportunity to work along with the most talented artists around the world. “Men with style are those who are not scared of showing their own personality”, he said. “ Style is knowing that every occasion has a different dress code but it is also acknowledging that it should not be taken too seriously because there are no rules and we should have fun when it comes to fashion”. Elegant, sophisticated and “crazy-chic” is how we’d describe Mauricio, whose favorite belongings are his vintage sunglasses from the 50´s. His two picks of the month are the Valentino butterfly jacket and the Tom Ford slippers.

Since he was 6 years old, he used to illustrate architecture and interior design mood boards inside his notebook. He always knew these two disciplines were his two biggest passions but he never realized his life was going to change and he was on his way to become one of the most sought after wedding planners of today’s industry. “I was working at a friend’s house when she asked me to do her wedding. The next week another friend called asking if it was true that I was making weddings; that month 16 girls asked me to be their wedding planner”, he said. “The rest is history and, today, thanks to the help of my talented team, we are constantly coordinating weddings in the most exotic places around the world: Tulum, Boca Raton, St Barth’s, Miami, New York and many more.

His main purpose as an architect and interior designer is to create magic. “Our goal is to intertwine the perfect mood, scenery, inspiration, environment, space and design with our client’s demands”. What he loves the most about his job is that fashion, architecture, photography and design are all linked together. “I love fashion”, he said. “I actually find a lot of my inspiration at fashion shows, you can find many history details and also travel through time. Mauricio loves doing collaborations with designers, sculptors and photographers. “At the end we are all artists and by fashioning our talents we can create great art.” He loves having an espresso every morning and, even though he feels inspired by many periods in time, he has fallen a little bit more for the Art deco scene, The 50s and the Renaissance.

Always having the coolest and most sophisticated design proposals, Mauricio is the new trend within the interior design industry. The weddings, moments and spaces created by him exceed every expectation, every time.