Dirk Jan Kinet Mexico

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Dirk Jan Kinet

Interior Designer, Mexico.

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Almond Milk or Coconut Milk: Almond milk
Book or Movie: Movie
Digital or print: Print
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
NY or Brooklyn: NY
Stripes or plaids: Stripes


Mexican designer: Hector Galván
Favorite spot brunch: 6th floor of the Hilton Mexico City Reforma Hotel
Dessert: everything my best friend, Julie Salisburry, does for dessert
Guilty pleasure: Buying too many books on interior design at once
Character: Patricia Highsmith’s Tom Ripley
History period: The 20’s and 30’s
Fashion moment: Dries van Noten, always
Architect: Andrea Palladio
Museum: The Prado Museum, in Madrid
Art piece: an anonymous painting I have at home

Dirk Jan Kinet is one of the most respected interior decorators within the industry. He never studied a degree, but traveling became his schooling. For an extended period, Dirk dedicated his time to traveling, until one day he decided to settle in Mexico, and travel around the country. But, in 2005, he decided to put into practice his passion and share his creativity, so he started designing again. “I put my interior decorator-pills in, again” he said. “I was an interior decorator since the age 2, living in an ugly house and dreaming of Versailles.”

His art form is his home; that’s where all the magic happens. “I am my home”, he said. His main purpose, as a designer is to help people live better. He doesn´t have a definite creative process; inspiration just pops out in the process. He likes Stephen Tennant’s work and he respects Cecil Beaton as an important icon of the industry. Among his favorite interior design boutiques, he mentions la Lagunilla market, in Mexico City; El Rastro, in Madrid, Emery & Co., by Agnes Emery; and The Kelly Wearstler shop, on Melrose Av. He also mentioned his interest for Jonathan Adler´s boutique and, especially, for De Vera (deveraobjects.com), in New York.

Currently, he is looking forward to visit De Vera, in New York, and Kanaal, by Axel Vervoort. But one activity that is still in his wish list and which he is eager to experience is to attend to all the opera performances in the MET. “I never go to pop or rock concerts” he said; “but I would make an exception for Patricia Kaas”. He loves having breakfast at home, in his small patio, or anyplace that has a city view. He enjoys visiting museums, castles, English manors or architectural work of important people. The book he has read more tan twice is “A Room with a View”, by E.M. Forster, and his favorite quote is: “Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.”- Balzac. He feels inspired by classicism, Bloomsbury, and romanticism.

He’s working fulltime on the interior design of three private apartments, the lobby and private dining room at Monica Patiño’s restaurant, La Taberna del León, and an African-inspired restaurant in La Roma. But one of his newest and most fun projects is the Belgian documentary that showcases how 6 personalities live around the globe; and Dirk is one of them.

We asked Dirk if he could think of a fun story while he was working in the desing industry and he said, “It wasn’t that funny at the moment, but now it is… I had a meeting with Plácido Domingo in new York for his Mexican restaurant’s makeover, Tuna , and before boarding the plane I got an e-mail from his business partner telling me that my ideas and sketches ( I don’t do Renders) were worse than those ones of his three-year-old daughter. So I dropped my whole presentation in a dustbin at the airport, went to New York, did not attend the meeting, and saw four operas instead (one of them, with Plácido Domingo) .

The last track he listened to on his iPod was Ditters Von Dittersdorf´s concert for doublé bass and orchestra. If he could be part of a specific moment in art, he would be a member of the Bloomsbury group and movement. Dirk has an exceptional talent and amazing creativity when it comes to interior design. Stay tuned and follow his work

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