Diane Pernet Founder/Director of ASVOFF

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Diane Pernet Founder/Director of ASVOFF

by Daniela Cassab

Interview by Daniela Cassab

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A legendary figure in fashion, Diane Pernet is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she has been fashion designer of her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer and filmmaker. The culmination of her experience was instrumental in the founding of a multi-dimensional event such as the ASVOFF, which stands for A Shaded View on Fashion Film. The fashion-centric film festival also manifests itself as an event that encompasses contemporary art, music and design. Since 2005, Diane has reported on fashion and the creative industries through her groundbreaking site www.ashadedviewonfashion.com. As one of the world’s first fashion blogs, it has since garnered an extensive international audience (600K visits per month).

Daniela Cassab- What do you consider to be your best achievement so far?

Diane Pernet – Finding a home for ASVOFF at Centre Pompidou in 2009, where it’s been launched ever since.

D.C. – What’s your representation of a woman with unique style?

D.P. – Catherine Baba, a stylist living in Paris.

D.C. – What’s your style?

D.P. – Austere.

D.C. – The oldest piece in your closet is…

D.P. – You’re probably not referring to this but I have a 100-year-old lace bed jacket. I rarely wear it and I didn’t own it when it was made.

D.C. – When did you decide to become a…?

D.P. – I’ve been many things in my lifetime. A filmmaker, a photographer,a fashion designer, a journalist, a pioneer in the blogging world – I started my own back in 2005 – and most importantly, the founder and director of ASVOFF.

D.C. – What’s the main purpose of your project?

D.P. – ASVOFF is the world’s must-see showcase for fashion film, which is now an essential part of the fashion industry’s repertoire. ASVOFF is a pioneering force and also its most influential voice.

D.C. – What do you love the most about fashion and your job?

D.P. – Creativity, originality, adventure, discovery and supporting talent.

D.C. – What’s the next thing you’ll add to your wardrobe?

D.P. – Probably another Dries Van Noten coat.

D.C. – An every day habit?

D.P. – Drinking tea.

D.C. – Three styles or movements that inspire you?

D.P. – Bauhaus, architecture by Joseph Dirand, koalas.

D.C. – What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

D.P. – Make a cup of tea.

D.C. – Any gossip inside your industry you want to share?

D.P. – My lips are sealed.

Fashion icon – Charles James
Designer – Rick Owens/ Dries Van Noten/Haider Ackermann
New upcoming designer – Iris Van Herpen
Favorite spot- Santiago de Compostela
Dessert- This is my downfall, chestnut cake at Les Deux Abeilles, only served in the winter and in the summer Kakigōri (かき氷) from Toraya
Guilty pleasure- ABOVE
Musical, movie or character – Charlotte rampling in Night Porter, Dirk Bogarde in Death in Venice
Blog – my own… or www.thebusinessoffashion.com
Photographer- Miguel Villalobos
Perfume- My new fragrances: To Be Honest, In Pursuit of Magic, WANTED, SHADED
Book – “The Devil’s Candy :The Anatomy of a Hollywood Fiasco” by Julie Salamon
Piece from your closet – KTZ sweatshirt
Boutique worth stopping by – Persuede in Bilbao

WEB PAGE www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com
BLOG www.ashadedviewonfashion.com

First -by Miguel Villalobos
Second -by Franck Laguillez
Third -by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello