Mathieu Matachaga, Creative Director

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Iván Flores and Germán Najera
IG: @weshootmuch

Interview and editing: Mónica Diaz
Instagram: @monidiazm

Mathieu Matachaga

Creative Director, France.

IG: @matachaga


Book or movie: Movie
Yoga or running: Yoga
Digital or print: Print
Mezcal or tequila: Mezcal
Waffles or pancakes: None
Leather or suede: Leather
Matcha or chai: Matcha


Mexican musician: Chabela Vargas
Brunch spot: Contramar
Dessert: Mousse a chocolat from Café des Beaux Arts in Paris
Guilty pleasure: Chilaquiles with lots of cream and cheese
Broadway play: Chicago
Character from a book or movie: Manon des Sources – Marcel Pagnol
Playlist: Electro, French songs from the 60s and 70s
Quote: “Fashion fades, style stays”, Gabrielle Chanel
City: Berlin and London
Superfood: Quinoa
Music festival: Melt Festival Berlin
Movie to watch on a Sunday: W.E. from Madonna
Drink at the beach: Sangria, Martini rosso
Favorite dish: My own quinoa and avocado salad

We definitely made a move to talk with Matachaga during the days coming up to MBFW MX. We wanted to get to know him a little better and ask him about his past, his future, his vision of fashion, and what he thinks of Mexico.

Mathieu has a lot of experience in the fashion world. He studied under Azzedine Alaïa during his first years as a fashion designer, and later on he worked at Maison John Galiano, where he learned the most sophisticated French couture techniques. Nonetheless, his passion for fashion started very early in his life. His grandmother was a seamstress so he grew up hypnotized by thread, needle and fabric. When he was seven years old he had already created his first designs. Today, Mathieu works for for his own brand which proudly takes his same name.

The French designer is not at all interested in “fast fashion” but rather in creating a style that endures. He is now a local sensation in Mexico, and the feeling is mutual, “Mexico is an everlasting source of inspiration. Its prehispanic culture, the Aztecs, the Mayans… all of it translates into motivation for today´s artists”, he said. His favorite places within the country are San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, Valle de Bravo in Edo Mex, and Mexico City, of course. If you thought for a second that Matachaga was only visiting Mexico… think again! The designer actually moved to the country because he married a Mexican guy and decided to move so they could spend their lives together.

Beyond his professional life, we wanted to know more about his personal interests: his likes and dislikes in regards to food, travel, entertainment and culture.

At TFA store we are huge fans of his designs, that’s why this season you can find all his pieces at our store.