Paulina Campos Photographer Mexico


Photographer, Mexico.

Professional photographer Paulina Campos Hierro has a degree in industrial design by Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, and reinforced her education in well-known photography schools such as the Activa photography school and the Urquiza Study (both in Mexico City), and at the International Center of Photography in New York. She has collaborated with magazines of the likes of Vogue Mexico and Fahrenheit, for Lorena Saravia’s fashion film and with the photography association AMEFO. Currently, besides being a freelancer photographer, Paulina is the photography producer and photography editor’s assistant at the fashion magazine SOHO.

Paulina’s main specialties are documentary, street and editorial photography. She decided to become a photographer 10 years after she knew she wanted to be one. “When I moved to Australia in 2011, I decided to dedicate my time to photography, take my camera out every day, read and learn as much as I could about it,” she said. To bring her unique style and personality to the pictures is her art form and her main purpose as a photographer is to motivate and inspire people. “I want to communicate, share my perspective, tell stories and motivate people through my work,” she said.

A 50 mm lens is her must-have item inside her kit. She admires photoraphers Marc Marc Riboud, Cartier Bresson, Steve McCurry and Frank Fournier, who was her professor at ICP. She’s inspired by travel photography and walking her dog Lola is her favorite habit. When taking about her hobbies, traveling, films and extreme sports are her passion. But that’s not all. She also enjoys dancing hip-hop, contemporary dance and salsa.
The Fancy Archive is lucky to have Paulina Campos on its team. She recently finished a documentary project of a trapeze couple called Vertigo and is planning on starting her personal blog. Take a look at her work at


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