Photographer, Mexico.

Jimena Carranza has a degree in communications from Universidad Iberoamericana and a degree in photography by the Academy of Visual Arts. Always hunting for new inspirations, Jimena’s main purpose as an artist is to show her interpretation and vision of the world by capturing interesting moments and appealing aesthetic objects.

The golden item inside her working kit is her 28-70 F/2.8 lens. She feels inspired by pastel colors and natural lights. But when talking about fashion hippie, punk and vintage define her style. Her photography icons include Jessica Tremp, Annie Leibovitz, Yodamanu and Lillian Bassman.

She is currently working on a new project: her own gallery where she can sell her work at affordable prices.  So stay tuned and take a look at her fascinating work.


Dogs or cats / Dogs
Low fat or regular / Regular
Canon or Nikon / Nikon   


Designer / Alejandra Quesada
Favorite spot to have brunch / My terrace
Dessert  / Pan de muerto from Maque
Guilty pleasure / Bread with Peanut butter

WEB  PAGE www.jimenacarranza.com