Daniel Jáuregui Photographer / Mexico


Photographer, Mexico.

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Daniel Jáuregui studied Integral Design at ITESO University, Guadalajara. He has worked as commercial fashion photographer and creative advisor on a tv network located in Miami, as well as an image supervisor for fashion ,editorial and publicity companies. He feels inspired by minimalism, classic portaits and black and white. He loves road trips, being near the ocean , listening to music and spending hours at music stores analyzing the album covers. He collects sea animals ítems, specially sharks and whales, he is obsessed with them.
“One of the biggest challenge photography has faced is to be taken seriously as an art form” Daniel says, “but for me, a person is the most perfect example of art, and people is exactly what my work is about”

He has been a photographer since kid but didnt realize he could make a living of it untill some models asked him to help them with their portfolios when he was in highschool, he hasn´t stopped since then.
He loves the challenge of portraying the essence and soul of a person, “even when is fashion photography and I need to sell clothes, I like images to have some substance and not only to
be this perfect photoshopped mannequins, I hate that” Daniel says.

His favorite photographers are Bruce Weber, Juergen Teller, Corinne Day and Mario Testino.
As weird as it may sound, he is not a huge fan of cameras, lights or equipment. His golden item is always someone interesting to portrait, even if he needs to take the picture with his phone.

Nowadays he has been working on a personal photo project called “The young American folks” and some fashion campaigns for make up and accesories Brands.


Day or night: day
Bruce Weber or Juergen Teller: Bruce Weber
Canon or Nikon: Canon


Photographer: Bruce Weber
Spot: Chateau Marmont
Book: Casi el paraíso by Luis Spota
Movie: The dreamers
Song: Fake plastic trees by Radiohead