Writer, Mexico.

Bibiñe Barud García studied Communication in Universidad Iberoamericana when she realized that what she wanted to do was to live in a world where words surrounded her, so creating content became her career. Traveling and eating are two of her favorite things to do and, if it where for her, that`s what she would be doing all her life.
For her, writing is an art form. What she loves the most about the editorial world is when an author makes you feel a full spectrum of emotions through their ideas and their words. “A good writer gives you the guidelines to create a whole different universe, and maybe even change your life”, she said. “And that, for me, is close to magic”.
Her main purpose as a writer is to research, create and curate stories that allow readers to feel something that takes them out of their daily routine. Her everyday habits are reading, meditating and watching TV.
She admires writers Chuck Klosterman and Tina Fey. Her must have item inside her working kit is her small Molesking writing pad and feels inspired by Diane Keaton in the 70´s, everything Boho and whatever makes her feel comfortable.

Bibiñe is a key element within The Fancy Archive world; she is in charge of editing all of our typos and spelling mistakes and helping us take our readers to every archive.


Red velvet or chocolate cupcake: Red velvet all the way
Book or movie: Book
Hollywood or Broadway: Hollywood


Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith

Favorite spot to have brunch: anywhere with a mighty Clamato.
Dessert: I don´t really do dessert, I´d rather have something spicy.
Karaoke song: No Scrubs by TLC
Time period: the Beatnik era
Character: Julia Lucai (Deathproof)
Blog: Hello Giggles, Oddee and Cracked
Photography: Sebastiao Salgado, Mona Kuhn and Mario Testino