Mariana Cantu / Mexico

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Mariana Cantu

Vogue Italia Producer and Co-founder of, Mexico.

INSTAGRAM: @marianacantup 


Almond or Coconut Milk: Almond
Book or movie: Movie
Digital or print: Print
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
NY or Brooklyn: NY to live, Brooklyn to eat.


Mexican Designer: Kris Goyri
Favorite spot to have brunch: Navy and Lafayette
Guilty pleasure: Ben & Jerry’s
Character: Sarah Jessica Parker
Fashion period or movement: 70’s
Photographer: Tim Walker
Fashion stylist: Karl Templer
Fashion moment: Valentino Garavani’s departure from his fashion house.
Fashion editor: Diana Vreeland
Museum: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mariana Cantu is a producer at Vogue Italia and the founder of and

She has a major in Finance by the University of Texas. “I knew since the beginning that it was not what I wanted to do”, she said. “Growing up in a very conservative and business-oriented family was a bit difficult; I did not have their full support regarding my fashion career, but I always had my mind set into becoming a fashion designer”. When Mariana was 19 years old, she decided to follow her passion and she started to design without knowing what it entailed. “I was using my money to buy fabrics in NY and LA and I hired three seamstresses” she said. “Six months later, I had created an entire collection of 35 items”. It wasn’t until then that her parents actually encouraged her to go to Fashion School, but on one condition: to study something that would teach me some business skills. That same year she enrolled in her second major, Fashion Merchandising Management, at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Since Mariana arrived in New York, she hasn´t stopped learning; she has done several internships, freelance jobs and projects that eventually led her to a full-time job as a producer for Vogue Italia, its sister magazine L’UOMO Vogue and Italian Vanity Fair. Shortly after she founded, her personal style blog. “The site was private for almost two years”, she said; “it was sort of my own diary, a style journal”. Finally, one of her friends convinced her and she made the blog public. Mariana recently co-founded with her dear friend Luiza a new website called, a space for style and inspirations that would later become an e-commerce site with a curated selection of Latin American designers. Mariana’s hobbies are yoga and horse jumping. She competed for almost 13 years in Mexico and won several first places in nationals. Sadly, things changed once she moved to New York– “I knew I would eventually had to leave that behind if I wanted to pursue a fashion career”, she said.

For Mariana, fashion is an art form of the upmost importance. “It is the reflection of what we live and what surrounds us; it is not just about the piece of fabric or the fall trend, it is about the history behind it. There is an entire timeline that surrounds a single piece of fabric and I find that fascinating. It tells a lot about our past and current situation”.

She is a born trend forecaster but her main purpose in the fashion industry is to erase the line that divides different fashion cultures. “Talent can be found everywhere. One talent is great but many talents together are dynamite, which is why I believe in teamwork”. Once she visualize something and has a good feeling about it, her creative process relies on trusting her gut. She admires Diana Vreeland because she backed emerging talents and helped them succeed. She has many funny stories but counting how many times people at the Hearst Tower used the word chic in one day is definitely one of her best anecdotes. Stay tuned and take a look at her work; we are sure we will be haring great things about her. Her favorite quote is: “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try”– Seth Godin.