Luisa Saenz

PHOTOGRAPHER:Mauricio Hernández
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Special thanks to Grupo Habita
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Shooting at Hotel Condesa D.F

Luisa Saenz

Founder of Mexico Fashion Film Festival, Mexico.

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Artist: Gabriel Orozco
Brunch: Breakfast
Dessert: Contramar’s chocolate cake
Guilty pleasure: Shopping
Character: Juana de Arco
Period: Surrealism
Museum: Guggenheim
Photographer: Sebastian Salgado
Quote: “Namaste”
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Editor: Diana Vreeland
Art piece: Cosmic Thing, by Damián Ortega
Gallery: Kurimanzutto

Luisa Saenz is the founder of Mexico Fashion Film Festival. Through this festival, she celebrates filmmaking, fashion and the visual arts industry, and she supports innovative projects seeking to merge the creative talent of many artists into one single project.

Luisa studied Marketing and Fashion Design. Rebel and passionate about Mexico, Luisa moved to Mexico City at the age of 19 to become a model. Currently, she has 2 kids, who are her best achievement, and she works very hard for the realization of her project, Mexico Fashion Film Festival. “I had a lot of fun working in the modeling industry, she said; “I got to know my inner self and to discover my abilities as an actress”.

Fashion Film, offers the fashion industry a fantastic communication tool, which allows brands to positionate their product in the market by using innovative content and great visual arts. Nowadays, new technologies enable young talented people to expose their creativity with low budgets, and, with MFFF, it is possible to intertwine all the arts into a single purpose. “Currently, we have a variety of international partnerships, which will give the winners exposure across the world”, she said. This platform is mainly intended to activate the industry and the fashion economy. “As with the contemporary art industry, it will be incredible when fashion´s moment finally arrives, specially speaking about its economic impact”.

Luisa is constantly hunting for new talent, and she shared with us that Andrés Sanchez’s music for the fashion performance, which was the opening act at the festival, took her breath away. “Mexico is providing amazingly talented people to the film industry”, she admitted. “We have a new generation of artists who are making a difference around the world. I believe that the contribution we are making at this very moment is very important”.

Her creative process is very organic and corporal. Luisa admires the work of artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol, and she supports and celebrates the talent of Mexican designers such as Yakampot and Carla Fernández. The punk movement, minimalism and the effortless sophistication inspire and define her style.

Special thanks to Grupo Habita, for inviting us to shoot Luisa´s archive at their amazing hotel, Condesa D.F.

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