Juan Pablo Jim / Mexico

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Juan Pablo Jim

Creative Director at Púrpura, Mexico.

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Hollywood or Broadway: Broadway
Book or movie: Book
Digital or print: If I don’t say digital, I’ll get in trouble. But I would love to work in print someday, maybe a very special issue of Púrpura?
Fur or faux: Fur
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.
NY or Brooklyn: NYC, Upper East and Lower West.


Mexican Designer: Right now, Ocelote. But I change my mind all the time. I appreciate good construction, probably over great design. Armando Takeda’s clothes for women are exceptional. He promised to make a men’s coat for me. Trista’s men’s.
Favorite place to eat: Belmondo, Hunan, and El Jamil.
Dessert: I don’t eat a lot of desserts.
Guilty pleasure: Reality TV. RuPaul, Project Runway, Honey Boo Boo… anything.
Character from a book or movie: Mary Cherry, from a TV show called Popular.
Fashion period or movement: The 90’s grunge; anything other than millennial minimalism.
Photographer: Mario Testino, Mark Seliger, Gray Malin. Anything pop, really.
Fashion moment: Blake Lively’s look at the Cannes Film Festival last year.
Fashion editor: My good friend Dani Von Wobeser from Glamour, and Alice Gamus at Púrpura, who is the editor with the most specific point of view I’ve met.
Museum: The Met and the MUNAL.
Blog: estoespurpura.com

Juan Pablo Jim García-Travesí is the Creative Director at Púrpura, a digital magazine that combines humor, fashion and lifestyle. “Jim is my real last name”, he said. “People think I want to seem fancy by shortening Jiménez or something, but Jim is actually of Chinese descent.” Juan Pablo has a degree in business management and accounting. He started working in the corporate world. After a while, he changed to L’Oréal, where he worked in the Marketing department. “That was a turning point; I probably would have stayed in finance or accounting if it hadn’t been for that job. I loved it there”, he said. But it wasn’t until he started his own business, Purpura, that he found his passion. “I have a hobby that is actually a business”, he said.

“I have always loved magazines”, he affirmed. “Once, when I was applying for my first job at Bimbo, I felt so depressed about working doing taxes or any other boring activity all my life. I parked my car and called the listed number for Condé Nast. Of course, they said there weren’t any openings – especially after receiving a weird call from an accountant who wanted to do editorial”. Jim pursued his passion and he has become an influential person within the fashion world and one of the founders of a well-known homemade blog that is now a full-fledged magazine.

He considers fashion to be art because it makes different people experience different feelings by having different outcomes. “I think fashion also challenges convention in a passive-aggressive way, which I appreciate”, he said. Jim describes his creative process as something fun and actually quite simple; it basically consists in brainstorming ideas, sharing his favorite fashion campaigns and spots, and discussing innovative proposals. As well as pointing out all the details from the industry that he doesn’t like. “A lot of the creativity arises from a few glasses of wine and redundant discussions”, he said.

His favorite fashion icon is Victoria Beckham because of her hard work. He admires the unique style and eccentricity of Mark Ronson, Henry Holland, Pharrell, Nick Wooster, Zac Posen and Pelayo Díaz. He recommends stopping by boutiques such as Avery, in Mexico City; Voo Store, in Berlin; Four, in Amsterdam; and farfetch.com, which is open worldwide, 24/7. His favorite place is his office; he never has brunch and he is looking forward to attending a Taylor Swift concert. The book he has read more than twice is Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides and the last song he listened to on his iPod was Phoenix’s Lisztomania.

He has been working on a new series of videos that showcase how the Mexican fashion industry works He has interviewed many relevant personalities within the industry in order to stay tuned. “And I have been unsuccessfully working on my diet”, he confessed. He loves printed magazines but, as an entrepreneur, he knows that digital technology is the future of the editorial world. “The smartest brands are already shifting their publicity investments to digital outlets”, he said. “I think the future of fashion is definitely digital”.

Juan Pablo is passionate about every aspect of the fashion industry. He respects the talent of every individual who plays a role in this industry and really appreciates the art of the fashion world. He is incredibly talented in creating content and we love his humorous way of narrating events. Find his articles at www.estoespurpura.com