EDITORIAL HOUSE by Pilar Zambrano and Isabel Alvarez

Photographer: Marian Coufal
Web Page: www.mariancoufalphotography.com
Instagram: @mariancoufal
Interview and Editing: Adriana Schroeder
Instagram: @adrianaschh

Pilar Zambrano and Isabel Alvarez

Founders of EDITORIAL HOUSE, Mexico.

WEB PAGE: www.editorial-house.com
Facebook: fb/editorialhouse
Instagram: @editorial_house


Book or movie: Movie
Digital or print: Print
Rose or red wine: P-White I-Green tea
Waffles or pancakes: P- Pancakes I-Waffles
Brooklyn or Soho: P- Brooklyn I- Both
Condesa or Polanco: Condesa to go out / Polanco to live in


Favorite spot to have brunch:  P- Lardo
Dessert:  P- Terrina from Pangea in Monterrey   I- Merengue de Entre mar
Guilty pleasure:  P- Papitas Preparadas   I- Sleep in
Broadway Play:  P- Rent
Character: P- Sira Quiroga- Tiempo entre costuras (book and tv show)
Playlist: P- Indie Chill
Quote:  I- “Ego is not your Amigo”
City:  P- New York   I- Mexico
Favorite Superfood: P- Quinoa  I- Nutella
Art gallery: P- Subject NYC
Movies to watch on a Sunday: P- Romantic Comedy
Drink on the beach: White wine
Favorite dish: Sushi

Pilar majored in Business Administration in Boston and then went to Madrid for her master’s degree. Her favorite hobby was dancing, but she recently discovered her passion for horseback riding. Isabel studied Interior Architecture, Digital Photography 
and Fashion Marketing.

They started EDITORIAL HOUSE two years ago. First, they looked for a place that suited their needs. Once they found it, they took advantage of the space in order to support creative projects in Mexico. Afterwards, EDITORIAL HOUSE invited several more partners to promote collaborations between different areas.

Isabel told us a bit about the Story behind the name EDITORIAL HOUSE; “Editorial implies curator and change – something which embodies all our efforts in both Editorial House and Store”, she said. “Store is a more physical experience, in this space we showcase designs of different talents and themes. And House represents a dynamism of personalities and happenings. No two days are alike.”

EDITORIAL HOUSE publishes collections based on a specific theme. It is a space edited in all its senses, from the food to art and design. They have a juice bar, shop, venues for events, spaces for meetings, a bar and a wellness space. The main goal of EDITORIAL HOUSE is to create a 360º space that offers its partners different working and collaboration environment.
“We aim to be a place where people of all backgrounds interact and collaborate”, said Isabel. “Editorial is a club where creative people can meet in a casual, but professional atmosphere while enjoying an inclusive environment with various, services, and happenings. Ultimately, we want our space to promote a balanced lifestyle, stimulate the mind, and create opportunities for all the involved.”

During the process of choosing interiors for the shop, they discovered many brands that are doing interesting things like Vaiven Studio, Casa Armida, Flor, Rafael Weber and Cuchara. So stay tuned, we now many cool and interesting things will be happening at Editorial House on the next years.

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