Daniela Cassab, Creative Director at Dan Cassab

Photographer: Fernando Marroquin
Webpage: www.fernandomarroquinstudio.com
Instagram: @fernandomarroquint

Interview and editing: Mónica Diaz
Instagram: @monidiazm

Daniela Cassab

Creative Director and Historian Art, Mexico

WEBPAGE: www.dancassab.com
FACEBOOK: www.fb.com/DanCassab
INSTAGRAM: @dancassab


Book or movie: Book
Digital or print: Print
Rose or red wine: Red Wine
Waffles or pancakes: Pancakes
Leather or suede: Leather
Matcha or chai: Both


Mexican artist: Damian Ortega
Favorite spot to have brunch: Upland NYC
Dessert: Frozen Banana covered with chocolate, Carneys, LA
Guilty pleasure: Buying shoes
Broadway Play: Wicked
Character: El Quijote
Quote: “If you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change.”
City: NYC
Habit: Waking up very early
Favorite Superfood: Chia
Art gallery: Serpentine London
Movies to watch on a Sunday: Dirty Dancing
Drink on the beach: Caipirinha
Favorite Dish: Funghi risotto, Paper moon, Milan
Blog: Yoyokulala.com
Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Daniela Cassab has a major in Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in New York, after which she took her second Bachelor’s Degree in Art History at the Superior Institute of Culture in Mexico City.

Throughout her career she has had a wide variety of roles in the industry. First, she collaborated in different areas at Elle Mexico magazine; then, at the promotion department of A Shaded View On Fashion Film (ASVOFF) with Diane Pernet, in Mexico City. Later on, she moved to New York City, working as designer for the Spenglish brand. When she returned to Mexico, she started to gather attention from Televisa as an independent stylist. Finally, she was hired as Image and Clothing Coordinator for The Voice and The Voice Kids TV shows.

In the midst of it all she had the opportunity to design a leather jacket for singer J. Balvin. She started receiving so many orders that, somewhere in the middle of 2016, she decided to create her own leather jacket brand: DanCassab.

DanCassab brand’s purpose is to create garments for men and women who love luxury, are confident and empowered, and to those who also appreciate artisanal work. Cassab jackets are made with the best leather, one with a very soft texture. With designs ranging from classic to modern, each piece has its own personality and is made by hand by Mexican artisans.

For this brand, a jacket is an extension of the skin, a center stage piece that may be worn at any time of the year.

The designer finds inspiration everywhere… in a movie, a concert or even by traveling. This is how she channels creativity into clothing; her experience is portrayed into a jacket.

She is also inspired by Guy Bourdin photographs, early catwalk shows by Commes des Garcons and dancers at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Her favorite icon is Brigitte Bardot.

As for Mexico’s contribution to the fashion scene, Daniela thinks that the biggest change has been that Mexicans have started to look at Mexico in a different way. We started to consider our traditional textiles a luxury, and the artisanal work an art form.

The next place, museum, concert you plan on going?
Yves Klein Retrospective at MUAC, Mexico City
Paul McCartney’s concert in Mexico City

Which art fair would you recommend?
Frieze London

A fun project, concept or talent you discovered recently?
Zaha Hadid, her curvaceous building along the high line NYC

The last track you listened to in your playlists?
Paolo Nutini, last request