Cherry Chris / Mexico

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Cherry Chris

Blogger, Mexico.

INSTAGRAM: @cherrychriss
FACEBOOK: /cherrychriss


Coffee or tea: Coffee
Up or down: Up
Prada or Miu Miu: Miu Miu
More or less: More


Fashion icon: Iris Apfel
Designer: Chanel
New upcoming designer: I admire all of the emergent mexican talents, specially now!
Favorite spot: My house and Starbucks.
Dessert: The brownie and caramel or the cheesecake and strawberry ice cream from Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. I love Reese’s.
Guilty pleasure: Dancing Salsa, Bachata, among others
Musical, movie or character: Dirty Dancing
Photographer: David LaChapelle|Mario Testino
Perfume: Chance, Chanel
Book: “Eat, pray, love” & “Como agua para chocolate”
Garment from your closet: My Chanel, always.
Boutique worth stopping by: Topshop

Blogger, Christianne Sandoval, was born and raised in Mexico. She has a degree in Industrial Relations, by ITESO and in Photography, by UNICO. She also graduated as a makeup artist from the New Image School at Vancouver, Canada, and took some personal styling courses at the London Collage of Fashion. After that, she moved to NY, where she had the opportunity of working at Cosmopolitan USA Magazine. Today, she is a phenomenon within the social media world; she has her personal blog since 2009, with more than 33K followers and, besides sharing with us her amazing experiences, she`s currently imparting marketing and social media strategies courses.

Chris is a clear example for all those bloggers who want to make a professional and sustainable business of their passion. “My blog is my best achievement. I once thought that my ideal and perfect job would be one that I could manage from any part of the world, with no need for an office”.

She is a woman whose feet are firmly on the ground and who believes that there is nothing more precious than living the present and being aware of reality. She admires authentic, self-confident and feminine women who embrace their ideals and are not scared to show their weaknesses.

Her style depends on her mood, her economy and the place she’s at. But something that distinguishes her from any other blogger is her creativity to style the Cheap&chic. She loves designer bags, so all of her savings go there but most of her outfits are very affordable, which is why we love her. She couldn’t say which is the oldest garment in her closet because every year she saves her favorite items and then, 3 years later, they’re back on trend. She is also a vintage lover and, in fact, many of her favorite pieces belonged to her mother.

“I never thought about becoming a blogger”, she said. I just open a web page and started sharing my experiences and thoughts. I wrote every single day until one day my blog became famous and the ‘blogger’ word became a trend”. What encourages her to be better everyday, to create new proposals, to find new inspiration and to keep her eyes open is knowing that she is succeeding by doing what she loves the most, and more importantly, by being true to her ideals.

She loves meeting new people and learning new stories. If she won the lottery, she would invest in a business and she would save some money to do a little traveling, her biggest passion. Her followers are her greatest inspiration, she said; “even the ‘haters’, “they push me harder to be even better”. The next thing she will add to her wardrobe is a luggage kit from Rimowa. When it comes to books, she prefers biographies and true-life stories. Her night routine is counting how many hours of sleep she will get, and her morning routine is setting three alarms with a five-minute gap between them. The last song she listened to on her iPod was “Where are you now?”, by Mumford & Sons, and the last movie she watched on Netflix was “Clueless”.

She is currently reading “Al sur de la frontera, al oeste del sol”, by Haruki Murakami. Besides blogging, she feels inspired by the UN, writing, New York and charity foundations. We love the amazing relationship that she has achieved with her followers. Stay tuned and check out her blog at