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Mexicouture is an e-commerce platform where you can find designs by Mexico’s top designing talents. Created by Sara Galindo and María José Hernández, Mexicouture aims to be one of the most successful projects created within Mexico’s fashion industry. The idea is to be able to access – and buy, of course! – Mexican fashion from anywhere in the world.

In Mexicouture’s first edition, the designers include Carla Fernández, Olmos y Flores, Lorena Saravia, Yakampot, Alejandra Quezada, Alejandro Carlín, Kris Goyri, Sandra Weil, José Sánchez, Julia y Renata, Natalie Amkie, Chabe, Boyfriend’s Shirt, Marika Vera, Cynthia Buttenklepper, Cihuah, Maní Maalai, Sangre de mi Sangre, Pinkbull, Oriana Rodríguez, Pantera, Varón, Daniela Villegas, Gala is Love and more.

Mexicouture’s launching party took place in Mexico City’s Rosetta restaurant. Enjoy the video!