CHANEL Cruise Dubai

The Art World Report

Chanel Cruise Dubai 2014/2015

Photos by Chanel

On May 13, Karl Lagerfeld presented the CHANEL 2014/2015 Cruise show. The event took place in “The Island” in Dubai, the pearl of the United Arab Emirates. Having a sunset and a futuristic skyline as the backdrop, the designer offered a cruise trip that brought the modern Orient to the West.

Karl Lagerfeld reinterpreted certain elements from oriental art with contemporary lines and forms. With three-piece suits, trompe l’oeil trousers, wide-legged, skinny trousers, long and mini tunics and short overalls, the designers offered a feminine, audacious and refined collection.

The guest list included CHANEL ambassadors Vanessa Paradis, Tilda Swinton, Anna Mouglalis, Alice Dellal and Zhou Xun, actresses Dakota Fanning, Freida Pinto, Elisa Sednaoui, Yasmine Hamdan and Razane Jammal, and directors Nadine Labaki and Abdalla Al Kaabi who were also present within the set in the shadows of the mashrabiya windows made up of double C’s. After the show, Janelle Monae gave a private concert.

“After reaching ‘The Island’ on local boats, we found ourselves in a garden inside a desert oasis,” Iveth Lagos, PR Director at Chanel Mexico said. “Palm trees, cactus, plants and herbs from the Arabian desert were all around the place. Also, there were eight beige tents inspired in traditional Bedouin tents with rugs, poufs and shishas. The runway structure was a metal frame with sliding doors and lattices representing a double “C”, the alliance of two symbols: the Arabic architecture and Chanel.”

The scenery had fourteen palms in Latin and sculpted resin of 10 meters tall, sofas and cushions and 
sand in the ground. It was truly a show.

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